Online Food Ordering System For Restaurants

Website ordering setup in less than 24 hours. With our online food ordering system for restaurants, you can easily take food orders directly from your website.

No busy phone lines or misheard orders. Just you, your clients and a clean & intuitive interface that serves both parties. Our Online Ordering System can be used for any product or service. It can be used for food, groceries, flowers, dry cleaning services, beauty products, car-parts, gifts, and much more. There is no limitation on the flexibility of our Online Ordering System.

Get online orders with your own, custom-built mobile app for Android

The cherry on the cake – Online food ordering system with mobile app for your food clients? Do you want a food ordering app that features only your restaurant and that is customized with your brand?  We develop your own branded mobile app, upload it to the play store and viola! All you have to do now is promote it.Online Ordering Apps Development with Delivery System for Restaurants & On-demand products. This is your own, custom-built mobile app for Android and iOS. The smooth ordering experience of a native app. Your clients can easily order from your restaurant using this app on a smartphone or tablet. sell all your on-demand products & services easily, with a friendly design and geolocation services, your customers will be so happy.

Online Food Ordering - Facebook ordering for your restaurant.
Facebook ordering system that’s free to use. Forever.

With our Facebook ordering app, your customers will be able to easily place online orders, while your sales will go higher. And best of all? You don’t have to worry about paying any fees or commissions. For those clients who almost never leave Facebook, we will integrate the ordering system on your business page as well. Your brand new online menu will open up nicely from the menu tab or Shop Now button. Our Facebook food ordering system will open up a new avenue of boosting your online sales.

Free order taking app for restaurants online food ordering system

With this app you can take online orders directly on your smartphone or tablet. Each time an order is placed, you get a real-time notification on your on your smartphone or tablet. All it takes now is a tap for you to confirm it right away. Each time an order is placed, You have 3 minutes to confirm it, while we keep your hungry client busy. It takes less time to install the app than the time you have for accepting a delivery or pickup! Of course, the checkout form is prefilled based on previous orders, while the delivery address can be selected from a list of saved addresses.
Real time order confirmation – After placing an order, your client holds the line for the next 3 minutes, just enough time for you to confirm the pickup or delivery.

Easy and Intuitive Dashboard.

Our Mission – To help Restaurants find more customers and turn them into repeat customers. Our online ordering system has a friendly dashboard. The goal is is to help restaurant owners make use of the data to analyze trends and come up with smart decisions. 

Advanced Marketing Intelligence – We have a well calculated and planned set of Marketing Metrics that will help you analyze and understand your Restaurant’s performance. With our system, you get to keep your customers’ details and not share them with your competitors. Having your own customer database will help you recognize trends and the purchasing habits of your customers. This will also lower the cost of expensive marketing and promotions because you can make use of your customers’ email address or mobile numbers to promote new menu items or upcoming activities in your restaurant.

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