Digital Menu Boards

Are you spending too much money updating your menus or printing posters about promotions you’re running? Maybe it’s been years since you even considered making a change to your menus. Are you struggling to retain customers and attract a new audience? Or do you simply work too hard keeping your menu update? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out why digital menu boards will solve these problems for you and bring your cafeteria into 2019.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

A digital menu board replaces your traditional signs and posters. It shows a more realistic expectation of what your food looks like, giving you the opportunity to draw people in and make them hungry.

Restaurants without digital menus have a line item on their budgets that restaurants with digital menus don’t have. After investing in digital signage, you no longer have to send regular promotions and menu changes to your printers. Your front-line staff won’t be responsible for taking down and replacing old poster boards. Simply, save on hard costs and involve fewer people.

Digital menus entertain your customers. A digital display outside your restaurant is more likely to draw in someone walking by than a menu inside a glass frame. A digital menu board is your opportunity to bring the menu to life.

A digital menu takes your restaurant outside, too. Not only can you say goodbye to the host offering menus to passersby outside your restaurant, you get to tell your story during off hours. Is your restaurant in a busy area? Set up an evening schedule using your digital signage software so your evening digital menu is tailored to those night owls who might be wandering by.

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